mÄndag 8 maj 2017

Cherishing the ones you've lost

Some people stay with you even though they passed away a long time ago. The memories of them lingering and filling your heart with love, just as if they were still here. 
Yesterday was my grandfathers birthday. His 99th. And today it's exactly 5 years since he left us. And how I miss him. We all do. Every day. Every hour of every day. He was a great man. A loving father/grandfather, a poet, a writer, a historian, a storyteller and the focal point of our family. ❤️ The memories I keep of him, fills my heart with never ending love and my soul with lightness and laughter. So much happy memories. You deserve to be remembered, each and every day, grandpa! No matter how many years that passes by. We will keep you alive in our hearts! ❤️ 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

Ps. You look so handsome in this picture! And proud! And rightfully so, your books and poems are the best (holding your first book of poetry in your hands)! đŸ™đŸ»

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