torsdag 6 april 2017


When me and my sisters family were on vacation in Vietnam over the Christmas holidays last year we had troubles with one of our hotel bookings. We had booked two rooms at the resort we were staying at on Phu Quoc island, one for my family and one for my sister and her family, and both room with breakfast. When we arrived my sisters room didn't have breakfast included after all, and I started the process (by phone) immediately with to make them pay for the breakfast my sister now had to pay extra for while being there. It's no huge amount, but still when having booked the room with breakfast you shouldn't have to pay extra for it. couldn't help us when being at the hotel and wanted me to send them copies of the breakfast receipts when we got back home. Of course I did that but since then I haven't heard a word from them. So this afternoon I called them back! And I was met by a very service minded and kind employee that made a true effort to try to solve my case at the same time as he apologiesed over and over about how badly my case had been handled. And just an hour after I phoned, they called me back telling me they would refund the whole amount and that the process of refunding it had already begun. So, to make a long story short, it really do pay off to be persistent and fighting for what you think is right. Even if it's only about $ 330-350.
So thank you for doing what is right! I would highly recommend everyone to continue on using after reading this entry, they clearly wants what's best for their customers! 

Laters babes!

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