söndag 9 april 2017

Opening up your heart

I've been really struggling with what subject to write about here on the blog after my last one about the terror attack in Stockholm on Friday. In some ways everything else than what happened seems so much less important and I can't help but to feel that I will belittle the tragedy if I don't address it still. So I guess I won't. 
I know it is a crazy thought, but I guess crazy times or tragedies does strange things with your mind. I've also felt guilty for reacting so strongly to what happened. I didn't want to feel any differently about this terror attack than all the others happening around the world, because they're all equally horrific and devastating. But I did. It was so close to home. And I know that no one is ever safe from terror. It can happen anywhere at anytime. Still I've felt safe. Sweden has felt safe. Maybe even isolated from the rest of the world in some ways. And on Friday reality hit. Hard. 

I was terrified for all my friends and family living and working in Stockholm, but I was also afraid of how this could effect our future. Our society is already fighting with segregation, and racism is growing strong in some parts of our country. This has the potential to be the fuel that destroys all the hard work trying to eradicate all that. Like pouring gasoline on the already growing fire. That scares me. I want my daughter to grow up in a world where we celebrate each other's differences and where we do not judge people by where they live or where they're from. 

But! And this is a very large "but"! The people of Sweden has opened up their hearts! I haven't heard the word "hate" said once. And no one speaks about vengeance. We will not be afraid, we will come together and show love. Care and aid those in need. And we did! All of it! That makes me proud! Not for being a Swede, but for being a human. It gives me hope! People opening up their hearts. That is the right way to fight terror. From now on I will be more aware of the risks, as everyone else, but we will not let it weigh us down. We will fight to make this an open, including, loving and forgiving world.

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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