lördag 29 april 2017

Kids stuff

This day has mostly been spent doing stuff with mini me. She woke me up just before 06,00 in the morning wanting to start off early. I convinced her to watch one of her favourite shows on the iPad so that I could slumber for just a little longer. She did watch the show but I didn't really sleep after that. So we ate an early breakfast and then spent a couple of hours (yes, truly) painting, gluing and putting glitter on just about anything close to us. 😝
Before lunch we drove to the mall buying even more things to paint/glue, and when we got home we went on a picnic after having had lunch. It was freezing outside though you couldn't tell on my daughter, she loves her picnics! 
When we got back home she stayed outside and played with one of her friends. It's so cute watching them play together and remembering the games I played myself as a child. Eventually they came inside to do some more crafting. Some yarn buddies as you can see in the picture below. Very cute.
When they got tired of crafting they watched their favourite show (again), showing crafting ideas. 

And now I sit here on my couch thinking I should go to bed. She'll probably wake me up at the same time tomorrow so if I'm going to get some rest I really should be sleeping. 😝

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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