onsdag 12 april 2017

Happy birthday and great mentor talks

It's my birthday today! Well, it's actually both mine and my twinsisters birthday today. 40 + some years and I still don't know how to celebrate this day without my twin. Not that we necessarily need to celebrate it together nowadays as we live apart and have our own families that celebrates us separately, but somehow this will never be my special day, this is our special day, as it always has been and always will. ❤️
I was awakened this morning by my little family singing and serving me breakfast in bed, with candles, cake and gifts. And lots of hugs and kisses too. Pampering me in the best way! ❤️

I met up with my mentor and former boss for lunch and we had the best talk I've had in ages! He's a true inspiration and I always leave our meetings feeling filled with new energy and new lines of thoughts to ponder about. I've known him for close to 20 years, and needless to say he knows me very well! He has a huge part in me being where I am, both as a person and in my choice of career. I trust completely in his advices and judgements, so these mentor meetings with him are super important to me! Today it was even more special than usual as it was my birthday and he gave me a book (I told you he knows me) for my birthday! Thank you again, Jonas! You're truly the best! I wish all of you could have a Jonas in your life, that would make this world a better place for everyone!

After work I met up with my family again, and they took me to a cafe for some coffee and cake. ❤️
My husband clearly knows me very well too! Sarah Bernhard bisque are my absolute favourite sweets of them all! Love, love, love them! And a cafe latte too (although I shouldn't drink as much coffee as I do 🙈)!

Now I'm back home and plan on having a lazy evening reading my new book and enjoying some of the chocolate I got from mini me this morning. And some cuddles with Charlie the cat whom seems to be in a very cuddly kind of mood today! ❤️
What a great birthday I've had! So, so happy and thankful for all the great people I have in my life! ❤️ I hope you get to spend your birthdays being as happy as I've been today, no one deserves less on their special day!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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