torsdag 20 april 2017

Going through old pictures

I've been going through old pictures today, it's "throwback Thursday" after all. I love looking at old pictures and falling back into old memories just as if your reading about them in a book. 

I'm not going to pester you with all the pictures I've been going through (especially not since I don't post pictures of others without asking first), but I'll show you a few! 
This is from February 2009, in Venice. I was there with my best friend C. We've been friends since we were 7 years old, and as we know each other so well it's very simple, safe and fun to travel with her. I loved Venice. A very beautiful and interesting city. I remember we walked a lot and I was super impressed that we managed to find our way in the very complex layout of the city, crossing so many bridges we couldn't keep count! 
But, equipped with good shoes we had no problems with walking all day! 
Just as I did when in Rome, Italy, with my mother and sister 2009. Here at Pantheon.
I've visited Thailand so many times I've almost lost count. This picture is from my second visit to Maya bay, Phi Phi Island, 2010. My first visit was 2009, and it's strange that a year could make such a huge difference in a place. There were so many tourists the second time there that I couldn't take a single picture without getting like a hundred strangers in the shot. Which is super sad because this is truly a gorgeous place and we, the tourists, are destroying it with our visits. The spot was used filming "The beach" with Leonardo di Caprio, but I'm guessing he wouldn't even recognise it if going back now.
This is me in 2010, on Koh Hong island, paying my respect and honouring those lost in the terrible tsunami 2004. 
In 2007 I visited Venezuela and the beautiful waterfalls in Canaima.
The one and only time in life so far that I've walked under a waterfall. Amazing feeling!
From our flight to the national park we flew over Angel Falls, the worlds highest uninterrupted waterfall with a height of 979 meters. Very impressive!

I think I'll stop here. I've traveled a lot and telling you about all those travels would be too much! I'll tell you more another time. But for now I'm off to bed!

Over and out 

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