fredag 7 april 2017

Acts of terror

Acts of terrorism. Acts of violence. Acts of war. Acts of hate. Acts of malice. Acts of evil. We are no longer spared. Sweden is under attack, and its considered to be an act of terror. 

I refuse to hate, to be afraid. That is one of the goals of terrorism, to make us frightened enough to change our lives. To stop going out, to stop traveling, to stop talking. To stop interacting. To stop acting against the hate and violence. To stop the fight for peace. To stop loving each other. The world needs love, compassion and the strength of forgiveness. 

Let us love each other wholeheartedly, without doubt or fear. Let us come together in creating a world without boundaries, free from war and hate. A world in peace. A world where we are all proud of being equals no matter where we're from, where we live, who we are or whom we love. 

Let us not force our children to carry the hate already generations old, or the hate born out of the need for power or money. Let us not make them feel the heavy burden of vengeance and retribution for that hate. Let them feel free. Let them feel love. Let them be children. Innocent and care free. Teach them that all lives matters, no matter what. That we humans are built for love and not hate. That we respect one another because no one deserves anything less. 

Let us all stand together against the acts of terror and hate, wherever they might surface. No one will ever be free if we show fear and let this continue on. Together we can change the world! ❤
I will fight for love. I will fight for peace. I will fight for equality and I will fight for all of you that might have lost your strength on the way. You are not alone. I am here with you! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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