fredag 24 mars 2017

What I am not

What I am not, is a patient woman. Waiting is not my thing. I'm almost never late, I much rather be early and assured to be on time. Today that ment I had a lot of time at the airport when leaving Hannover. Which is actually all fine when I've planned it like that, this time meaning that I had my Kindle ready to sweep me off into another world (literally). Had the plane been late though, I wouldn't have been as easily entertained! Because, as I said, waiting is truly not my thing! 😝
But, when changing planes in Frankfurt I was super stressed! Why would any travel agent book your connecting flight to leave less then 30 minutes after your first flight touches ground? And at a "small" airport like the one in Frankfurt! 😳 And why didn't I notice my extreme lack of time until like ten minutes before landing (yes, I'm to blame too)? I've got to tell my travel agent not to book my travels with connecting flights that close between landing/departure ever again (and take a mental note not to forget to check it before accepting the booking) unless it's an extremely small airport. I had to run! Really! And I barely made it! Thank God for travelator sidewalks! 😜
And Olle, if you're reading this, it wasn't your fault! I'm not blaming you at all! 😘

Now I'm back home and I'm enjoying a soft and easy evening alone, while waiting for my loved ones to return home from Spain. 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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