söndag 19 mars 2017

The face of laziness

This Sunday has been spent with me being way to lazy! And when I say lazy, I mean LaZyyYYy! I kind of gave laziness a face! But I don't really mind. I can even admit to being a lazy butt! It'll be a while before I can be lazy again, so I just went all in! 😜
I did leave the couch though! Apparently kids need food 😉 so I made lunch, and then I took mini me to her weekly tennis lesson and when getting back home I took care of the laundry and watered the plants. Before getting back on the couch! 😆

This is how I get when a) needing to relax both body and mind b) being lost in a book (wanting nothing more than to return into the world of words), and c) when I try to avoid doing what I really should be doing (which in this case would be writing). I'm a master of bad excuses! Or at least I think I am. My family and friends can see straight through them all, but still I try! Maybe someday I understand what would be the truly right thing to do and stop doing the opposite! But, for today, I just let laziness get its claws in me. Make no mistake though, I enjoyed every minute of it! 🙊

Laters babes!

Over and out

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