torsdag 2 mars 2017


Today I've rewarded my self for that fantastic feedback I got yesterday. And that would be celebrating myself for having done a good job with the text in the first place. 😜
I really don't like when people, and that includes myself, reward oneself with food. And by that I mean the unhealthy ones, like sweets or very fatty products. I think that is one of the reasons to why we have problems with being overweight. Eating sugar like that should be a punishment for the body, not the other way around. But, this is (at least in my case) an old habit, probably inherited from generation after generation. Had I been smart today, I would have gone out running 5 kilometres instead! I wasn't though, and that French chocolate cake was just divine (and gluten free)! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

Laters babes!

Over and out

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