onsdag 22 mars 2017

Keynote speakers at CeBIT17

Started off this day by working out in the hotel gym with my colleagues, a great start on a great day! 
Today I spent almost the entire day (except from some short breaks for food and such) listening to some of the many inspiring keynote speakers at CeBIT17 in Hannover. 

I've been writing tweets and posting snaps about this all day, so I'm not sure if I should bore you by repeating everything on the blog. But, I feel I must at least mention some of the keynotes speakers that really made an impression and gave me valuable insights and food for thought! 
I started the day with listening to Mikko Hyppönen, CRO for F-Secure, talking about cybercrime, "The Next Arms Race". And reminding us (or at least me) about the true dangers and threats reaching us through and against internet, and Internet of things.
I'm sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, but this early in the morning my arms were so shaky from the workout I could hardly lift them at all! 😂
The next speaker I want to mention, and yet again a truly great one, was Marcin Kleczynski! He's the CEO at Malwarebytes, and he talked about "The threat of global thermonuclear cyber warfare". His doomsday scenario is going after companies, one by one, and holding their revenue ransom. 
I was also very surprised to learn that you actually can go online buying ransomware, and that with a 24h support service for as little as $50. That's just crazy! Like your shopping for a dress or a new app for your iPhone!
I was also very glad to catch Karoli Hindricks. She's the CEO and founder of Jobbatical. She talked about "Future of work" and the millenials. Very interesting!
Last, but by no means least, the truly great Ray Kurzweil. He's one of the worlds most leading inventors, futurist, thinker and author. He talked about the future of IT tech and how it doubles in power each year. He says the next step in AI is to recreate the neocortex using computers and thereby creating AI stronger than the human brain. He also says you can't predict the future with linear thinking and that technology is growing and expanding because of the power of innovation. I could have listened to him all day! So going to buy at least one of his books!

This was only four of all the great speakers I listened to today, but I won't bore you with the rest this time. There's always tomorrow!

We're flying back home on Friday so tomorrow will be our last day at the exhibit! Looking forward to yet another day of great inspiration and insights!
Laters babes!

Over and out

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