onsdag 15 mars 2017

Back pains

I've been suffering from back pains off and on since the pregnancy with my daughter five years back. I've been to the chiropractor, my doctor and my physiotherapist more times than I can count, and I've even had an X-ray done, showing som slightly compressed discs in my upper back. The doctor and others all say the same thing - work out and the pain will go away. A great reason if any for me to workout and to strengthen my core. No one wants to live with pain! But, being a lazy ass (yes, I'm allowed to call my self that, but you are not), when the pain goes away my reason for working out seems to be lost too. Which means the pain returns with a vengeance! I get so mad with myself when this happens! Why can't I just continue on with the workouts? 

My back pain is really bad right now (because of me being lazy), so I'm starting back up with the training. Fortunate for me I have at least two friends that's going to bug me about this, and force me to the gym. Literally! Dragging me with them! One being a personal trainer, and that is more than fortunate for me! He's also one of my best friends and he doesn't except my bad and lame excuses. So tomorrow I'll start up my healthy living again, working out at least 4 times a week. 
I know this might sound contradicted, but when the pain is at its worst, I don't want to work out although knowing it will make it better. When that pain sets in all I want to do is lay down on the couch with pillows behind my back because that's the only time I'm released from the pain. Standing, walking/running, sitting or laying flat on my back; all hurts. I have a prescription for really strong painkillers, but I've never used them. I do take regular ones, mostly when I'm off to bed, but I'm afraid to get hooked on the strong ones. And I'd rather not eat painkillers at all. They only take away the symptoms after all, not the reason for the pain. So I'll do my best to prove to my body that I don't need painkillers, just the workout, and this time I'll try not to give up the exercises as the pain goes away. I'll keep at it! đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ˜Š

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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