torsdag 30 mars 2017


We're in Budapest, me and the girls. A two hour flight and we arrived in full spring with sunshine and flowers everywhere! ❤
Leaving the airport we were almost killed in a car accident! Our driver was totally crazy! A maniac really. He was only centimetres from hitting other cars on the highway, at least two times. When we asked him to slow down and telling him we're in no hurry, he laughed and pretended to hit pedestrians on the sidewalks, making the drive even worse! 😱
So it was a relief to finally enter the hotel (I'm not sure I'll even enter the car if he's the one taking us back to the airport on Sunday). Since then we've been out on a stroll, exploring the surroundings and eating dinner. And yes, done some shopping too. 😜
The girls abandoned me to go on the Ferries wheel. I'm terrified of heights and didn't feel like dying today so I stayed put on ground. But apparently you got a really nice view of the city from up there!

Tomorrow we're going sightseeing and hopefully I'll have better pictures to share with you then! You can always follow me on Snapchat to see more pictures and videos of my days here! 

Now I'm off to chat with my girls. We've put the pjs on and the wine is poured! 👌🏻

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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