fredag 24 februari 2017

Weekend trip

I got a weekend trip, without child, as a Valentine's Day gift from my husband. So here I am, in Örebro, like 200 km from Uppsala. We're staying at a very nice hotel, Elite Stora Hotellet, Örebro, and got our room upgraded to a suite on arrival. 🙌🏻
And we're enjoying our night off from "family" life. I even had a strawberry mojito before dinner! Crazy, right! 😂

After dinner we went to the movies and saw "The Great Wall" with Matt Damon. In parts it was really grandeur, but then in other parts it was just not. Would I recommend you to see it? Well, yes, but not without telling you to focus on enjoying the grandeur enough that you can see past the other, not so grand, parts! 

Now I'm off to bed. No staying up late for this old lady! 😆

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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