lördag 25 februari 2017

The long drive

This morning we left Örebro to drive further south, the destination being my in laws mountain house. I've told you before about this mesa (or "table" if you prefer) mountain and the beautiful surroundings in which they live, my in laws. This time of year though, everything being freezing cold and grayish outside, the beauty of this mountain is not as easily detected as in spring or summertime. Nevertheless, here we are, enjoying our stay at my amazing in laws. Mini me has been here since yesterday and she loves coming here. Her grandparents has given her a sheep 🐑 that she named Charlie when she was a little lamb less than two years ago. She's still super friendly and loves to cuddle although being a big girl/sheep now. So mini me spent some time today with her, feeding her and cuddling with her. Me on the other hand, enjoyed quiet time on the couch under a blanket, reading. 
Tomorrow we're leaving to go back home, a four hour drive. But, as it's been snowing all evening maybe the drive home will take us longer than usual tomorrow. The traffic could be bad if the snow falls continues on all through the night. We'll see. Now I'm off to bed, reading until I fall asleep.

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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