tisdag 21 februari 2017


Yesterday I got a new colleague at work! And this is super great because of at least three reasons (probably a lot more, but for now I'll just point out these ones)!
1, It's an old colleague and friend of mine from way back when who's decided to apply to a position as manager for our department of business support. Always fun to get reconnected with great people at work! 
2, It's a great addition to our management team!
3, It's a huge relief regarding my workload as I've been stepping in and handling both my department and the department that she's now taking over. 
So tonight I feel like I've lost like a ton of weight of my shoulders, and finally I'll have more time handling ongoing issues in my on department without having to divide my time with another! And don't get me wrong! I've really loved to help out and manage the other department! The employees are great and super fun to work with! Ive just had too much to do, and it had started to take its toll. I've been feeling stressed and super tired the last week as my workdays has been way too long ever since I got back from my vacation in the beginning of January.

So today I'm smiling and feeling lighter then I've done in a long time! I feel more then ready to go back to my regular workload and responsibilities without any distractions! And I'll be sure to spend some time this week to document all the important lessons I've learned during these two months! It's been fun! Hard, but fun! I'm proud that I made it through and all along felt like I gave it my best! 

Now I'm off to bed! Tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities and I'll meet them all with a smile! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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