mÄndag 27 februari 2017

Needless to say

I'm having one of those days. Not on top, not on the bottom. Somewhere in between. Smiling through it, but weakly. Almost like a faint wind brushing by, making itself known but leaving too fast to be memorable. That kind of a smile! 
I've been reading up about the Oscars yesterday, and needless to say, I feel sorry for everyone effected by that little mishap that unfortunately made some people hurt and disappointed. Awkward yes, but! It was just a mistake! No need to hang anyone for it! No one died or got physically hurt. At that specific time and place; they were not at war and there was no natural disaster threatening. They were not starving (well maybe some ladies were to get into their dresses 🙊). They were all there to have a great time and to celebrate the wonderful crafts of movies and acting! It was just a little slip up with the envelopes. Unfortunate, yes, but not the end of the world! Let's move on please!

 There are a lot worse stuff going on in the world that needs our attention, like climate change and global warming! Or the war in Syria and the refugees desperately needing aid! Or all the crazy things happening in the US after the election, mostly deriving from the newly elected president who's whole agenda seems to be about separating/alienating/excluding people. And destroying the world!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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