måndag 13 februari 2017

Matters of the heart

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day and I'm spending some time to think about that tonight. I love the idea of celebrating love and your loved ones, but I'm not really fond of the commercial part of it all because that is what Valentine's Day is turning out to be! I saw apples in the store today in which they'd (somehow) texted "I love you" in the peel of the apple (using chemicals?). And of course they were much more expensive than ordinary apples! A way for us all to spend more money! And we do, don't we! I'm the first to admit that I spend money on surprising my husband and daughter with gifts just because it's Valentine's Day. But I refuse to buy those apples!!!

I don't know, but I just want this Valentine's Day to be more about love and compassion than buying stupid apples in the store! There's so much hate in our world and I can't think of a better day to eradicate that hate, replacing it with love! Let's do that together! Let's share and give love to those who might expect it the least but need it the most! One simple act of love and compassion! By giving your valuable time to someone who needs your attention. Hold the hand of an old and alone man or woman at the retirement home while reading them a story. Open up your heart! Listen to those who won't speak or to those speaking too much. Let them know that you hear every word they say! Do the unexpected! Change patterns and smile at a stranger and give aid to the beggars outside the supermarket entrance. Buy them a cup of coffee and ask if they can tell them their story. Or just pick up someone else's trash on the street to aid the environment! Plant a tree or give money to causes working with preservation of endangered species! Love the planet! I don't know, just do something else than buying that stupid "I love you"-apple!
Laters babes!

Over and out 

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