mÄndag 6 februari 2017

Lost in translation

I read all my books in English and I write you all my blog entries in English too, although Swedish is my first language. I started reading in English because I needed the challenge, and now I often find the Swedish language a bit dull in comparison. And me writing you in English is simply because more than 70 % of you following my blog is living in other countries than Sweden. đŸ‘đŸ»

I once had a friend from the States tell me that we, Scandinavians - or even Europeans - are so fortunate and good at learning/speaking more than one or two languages. And maybe we are come to think about it. In school, here in Sweden, we learn English from the age of 9-10 (when I was young - IT might be even earlier now). Norwegian and Danish is also thaught from early on, but not as specific as the English language. When I turned 12-13 years old German was added, and at 16 I chose to add a third language (not counting the Scandinavian ones) and that was French because I thought it sounded so amazing (still do). But, unfortunately, I don't remember much of my German and French language skills. I still understand quite a bit when reading a text or listening to a conversation, but I've forgotten so much that I wouldn't know how to have a real conversation with someone in either languages. 

As some of you might remember I'm leaving for Hannover, Germany, in the end of March and could really need to refresh my German language skills for that. But, it would take too much time that I don't really have. So I'll just stick to English, it's safer! 😆
And why am I telling you all this? Well, as English isn't my first language, I'm aware of me sometimes getting lost in translation! I just don't have all the words I ought to. Yet! So please be patient with me, I'm still learning and hopefully I'll get better at it! 😉

Over and out 

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