onsdag 22 februari 2017

In thoughts

I'm spending my evening, my alone time, lost in thoughts. I love silence and I love spending time all alone. Turning of everything but my thoughts, and I let them run wild. Listening to nothing. And hopefully hearing it all. 

Some fear silence and being alone, and I can't help to feel sorry for them. My most important decision and at times even life altering discoveries (about myself, others or the world), are all made in that perfect place! When I'm all alone, vulnerable and open and susceptible for whatever coming my way!
Tonight has been such a night and I finally listened to that voice inside of me that's been trying really hard to get my attention for a long, long time. Sometimes it's just easier and less hurtful not to listen. But I did listen. Tonight. I pondered the alternatives, weighing the positives against the negatives and tried to reason with myself. I'm not completely sure yet that I'm doing the right thing, but the future will tell. And before everyone (read; mummy 😉) starts to worry after reading this blog entry, let me say this! Although the text might imply that this is a huge decision with great impact on my life, it is not. This is a small, insignificant decision that only effects me! Me, myself and I. Nothing to worry over, like at all!

Now I'm off to bed, early but the sleep is well needed!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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