söndag 5 februari 2017

To catch a cold

When you have children at kindergarten it's almost a given that you'll catch most germs and viruses going around. So, no surprise, both mini me and I are now feeling a bit poorly, having caught the latest cold viruses going around! But it's not that bad (knock on wood), I'm hoarse, snotty, sneezing and coughing. No fever. Nevertheless we've spent most of our weekend indoors doing next to nothing. Watching movies and series on tv, read books, played games and drawing. Stuff not needing that much energy. Mini me will still be home tomorrow, but I'll be going in to my work. It's the first day in our new offices so it's going to be great fun!
I'll tell you more about the move tomorrow! 

Now I'm off to continue on my Kindle date! Started a new book serie yesterday, soon finished book two and it's starting to grow on me! "The gender game". I'll tell you more about that too another time! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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