söndag 29 januari 2017


As I sit here, waiting to leave for my daughters big birthday party at an indoor playground with 19 of her friends, I can't help but to feel like a warrior ready to go to war. And no, it's not because the challenge of taking on a huge group of exited kids, but of what is happening in the world. More to the point, what is happening in the US right now. The newly elected president has spent his first two weeks at the post to challenge the climate (more like doomed it), building walls between countries and people (literally) and banned people from entering the US just because of their religious beliefs and their heritage and origins. Not even considering that som of them arrive as refugees, in terrible conditions and in need beyond our understanding! And this is just a pick of all the awful things he has put in motion. 

Some may say this is not my fight. That I'm not a US citizen or that I live to far away to be bothered. But this is everyone's fight! This effects us all, no matter where we live or act in this world. That is what makes us humans! We care about those hurt or in need of aid! We care about those being mistreated and we come together to help and aid them. And this world, our planet, must be taken care of by all of us! Not just a few countries and a few people, but by all countries and every human living in this world. Climate change is real and we need to act on that, not try to hide the truth! No one can do it all, but every one can do something!

I will not sit here, safe in my home and in a country in peace, and watch as the world is slowly shifting into a place where equality no longer exists. Where war rages as we stay silent watching people, children (!!!) dying on the streets. Where love and acceptance of our differences are substituted by hate and fear of what separates us - no matter if that is because of whom we love, our gender, what we believe in, where we are from or what we look like. We must come together and show the leaders of this world that our opinions matters and that we are a force to be reckoned with. We might have chosen them as our leaders but that does not mean that they can do what they want and stop listening to us! They are supposed to make us come together, not to separate us!

I've spoken up in political questions and issues earlier and that have made me a target. I've been threatened by people online, in awful and nasty ways, and yes that has surely frightened me. Threats, empty or not, are still threats. I will not accept to be a target of threats just because I speak my mind. Freedom of speech is still as important to respect as it's ever been. It is ok to tell me you disagree, but let us not disrespect and threaten people just because we disagree! 
So, as I get ready to leave and take on all the kids at the party, I feel thankful for the safe environment I live in because it gives me the strength to fight for others. To aid and support! And I'm thankful for the ability to speak my mind and for us humans being able to come together and support those in need so far away from us and not being limited by distance. I promise you, I will not stop, because I will need you to do the same for me if the tables were to be turned! 

We are all equals! We all deserve peace, a safe environment, happiness and love! ❤

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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