tisdag 3 januari 2017


I've been walking all day. Looking at and experiencing the city life of Ho Chi Minh. Sightseeing.
We started off with the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It was of course beautiful but you're not aloud inside more than a few meters if you're not there to pray. I would have liked to walk further in and looked at all the beautiful church windows. 
But, I'm glad we stopped by either way, it's a truly beautiful cathedral. 
Next stop was the war museum.
Outside the museum were a lot of different vehicles (I'm not sure you even call them that, but it'll have to do) out in the yard.
And although understanding the terrible power of all of them, and the force of violence that they inflicted during the Vietnam war, I'm not really impressed/interested in studying these closer up. 
To me, the interesting part of this museum is remembering the awful history of the war and learning from it! Not; how can we fight better or build better weapons, bombs and war-vehicles and tactics! Why did this war start, how can we avoid that in the future? What happened with us (humans) during this war that made us capable of so much violence, torture and death, and how can we make sure that we never do that again? 
Somewhere in all the misery and remnants of the war, we also need to realise that wars effect nature, Mother Earth. Another lesson to learn from, we want this planet to survive humans, not be killed by us!
Last stop before doing some shopping was the famous Rex Hotel. 
The Rex Hotel was made famous during the Vietnam war when it was hosting the American military command daily. The hotels rooftop bar was a well-known hangout spot for military officials and war correspondents.
After some shopping and relaxing by the hotel pool when coming back to the hotel, we went up to the executive floor for some complementary afternoon tea.
And there were a lot of pastries and goodies to choose from (I'll take pictures tomorrow and show you), and surprisingly even gluten free ones. Otherwise eating gluten free here in Vietnam is really a challenge! 
We ended our day here in Ho Chi Minh at the rooftop bar at our hotel and had some drinks as the sun set.
I'm terrified of heights so this thing with rooftop bars is really a challenge for me! 😳
My sister and brother in-law had some fruity drinks while I tried two different kinds of martinis.
The first one was the most delicious one, a coconut martini! 👌🏻 The second one was a chocolate martini, it didn't photograph well and it wasn't that tasty either (so you'll get no picture of that one)!

Tomorrow we're going shopping, and in the afternoon I have two hours booked at the spa in our hotel. Sooo looking forward to that!
A facial and a massage booked for me to enjoy! Pampering myself a bit before going back to Sweden and my everyday life! 😊

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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