fredag 27 januari 2017


Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I've read a lot of horrific stories in the news from survivors from the holocaust and I've read a lot of history books about the Second World War. The stories have always fascinated and scared me, and as I grew up the diary of Anne Frank was one of the most important books I read. It never left my heart or my mind and for some reason I felt a strong need to save her. For years. In some ways I still do. I thought that if I just had faith and kept hoping that she didn't get caught and killed - she wouldn't be. She'd be safe. I remember reading about the truth of her destiny and trying to accept it. 

Tonight I watched a beautiful women, 93 years old, and one of the remaining survivors of the holocaust tell her story on tv. Her parents was killed at Auschwitz and she survived with her sister although being moved to Treblinka before being saved at the end of the war and taken to Sweden. Still to this day she visits schools all over Sweden to talk to our young about the concentration camps and her life before, during and after the war. She talked about her fears about reliving the history as our world today seems incapable of learning from the history. I fear that too. More than anything. 

How could we forget what happened in Auschwitz and all the other concentration camps around Europe? Come to think about it, how could we forget any of the wars fought? And the people effected by them. We should honour their memories by listening to their voices and by remembering their stories.

We must all fight for peace. We must make an effort. We must help and aid those in need, no matter where and why. We are all equals and the history has shown us repeatedly how not to do! How to slow down and not blindly follow those who lead. To dare question and be brave. We need to learn from that. We must learn. We must stop this negative spiral we're in and believe that we can make a change. Together. In peace.
Now I'm off to bed.

Laters babes!
Over and out 

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