söndag 22 januari 2017

Making your loved ones happy

Sunday evening and I've just spent a well earned hour on the couch reading.
Today was all about mini-me and things that makes her happy! So after a long and nice family breakfast we went to the movies to watch one of her favourite cartoon characters, the strongest bear in the world (according to us Swedes) "Bamse". The movie is called: "Bamse and the witches daughter" and mini-me loved it (I did too, Bamse was a favourite of mine growing up as well).
I'm not sure you could find Bamse in English (being a Swedish bear and all 😆), but if you do and have young children at home you should introduce them to Bamse and his friends! 

After the movies we hurried to McDonalds for a late lunch (yes, we were being bad parents but we had no time to make a stop at a real restaurant, she ate in the car) on the way to mini-mes tennis lesson. It was the first tennis lesson since the beginning of December and mini-me was super exited, as was her BFF. They had so much fun! I love watching them play and fool around. Afterwards we went shopping, actually something the entire family enjoys, and had super fun. I didn't really find what I was after, but it was fun either way. Mini-me was happy, buying a flower to her room and a pink ewer. We ended with dinner at a real restaurant this time and went home happy and content!
One of the missions with today's shopping was to buy this shelf for the hallway and stuff to fill it with. We did buy it (as you can see), but I didn't find the "stuff" I'd planned to place on the shelves, but apparently I had some things at home already. 😆 And no, I didn't really know what to buy, I rarely do, I just know when I see it (which drives my husband nuts because I need to stroll around all the stores in search for something unknown). I'll continue on searching though because I have a vision in my head and it's not yet fulfilled. I'll keep you posted, now I'm getting back to my Kindle date!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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