torsdag 12 januari 2017

Leaving the past behind

The last couple of days I've been thinking a lot about how some of us get so sucked up in the past that we forget to look forward. Why do we let the events of the past get such a strong hold of our minds that we loose the ability to look away from it? This is a really interesting question and in some ways I can relate to being affected by my past, but the whole "loose sight of my future and dwelling in the past" thing has never been an issue for me. For some reason I've always found a way to refocus on the matter at hand, instead of staying stuck.

I've learned over the years to live and act in a world constantly changing, and I like that. You might even say I love it! I'm pretty sure I would get bored if I wasn't a part of that. And maybe it's that part of me, the one easily bored, that has kind of an issue understanding people who chooses to linger in the past rather than leaving it behind. To me it's so simple that I don't get why some choose to make it difficult?!

Something sad/hurtful/unexpected/challenging happens, something that affects you so much you feel absorbed by sadness/guilt/fear or whatever suffocating emotion you can think of! Whatever the feeling you get lost in it and you can only focus on the pain/fear. All you see are problems! Mountains to climb without the correct gear or oceans to swim without a life vest! You see the steep walls on the mountain and you fear loosing your footing and falling down a ravine, or the high and cold waves that will tear you under the surface of the sea and drown you. I get that! Dwell in that for a few seconds, we all do at times! It's ok! But then you take a deep breath and you carry on! You think of other mountains you've climbed or oceans you crossed way back! How did you manage that? What tools did that give you and how can you reuse them this time? 

You accept the situation and focus on the good things that will come from it ever happening in the first place! Ok, so this has happened and I'm sorry it did, but what can I learn from it and how can I bring everything good from it with me into the future? I will not let the darkness of it drag me down or under the ice! I am stronger than that! 

I get that some people doesn't think this is easy. I get that they're pulled down into a crippling state of mind. I just have to find a way to get them out of that, Making them believe in themselves and their ability to get through it! And accept that it sometimes is going to take them a whole lot more time than I would want it to. 
Do you find it hard? Or easy as I do?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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