torsdag 5 januari 2017

Flying home

Today is our last day here in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh city. We've been walking around discovering new sites today but mostly focusing on the shopping part. It's now about five hours left before the plane take off and we're relaxing in the executive lounge at our hotel after having checked out from our hotel room. 
They've just finished serving the afternoon tea and our tummies are full of fruit, sweets and pastries! 
I couldn't eat all of these though as they contain gluten, but the macaroon was tasty (despite the nasty green colour).
There was a lot of variations to choose from. These were just a few examples! 

Now we're chilling in our sofas in the lounge for the remaining hours before liftoff. My sister and niece is getting their nails done at the Spa and my brother in law is getting a massage while we enjoy our sweets. 
See you again when we land in Sweden. The flight time is estimated to 13,5 hours (Ho Chi Minh - Paris) and then an additional 2,5 hours from Paris to Stockholm, landing around lunchtime on Friday.

Laters babes!

Over and out

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