torsdag 19 januari 2017

Finding Dory - finding peace

Some days you just want to climb into bed and hide under the covers! Not because you had a bad day necessarily, but because you feel drained! I had one of those days today! I fought all day to be at my very best, top performance deliveries on all levels. And through it all I felt I needed to keep my head up high and stay positive no matter what! Meeting every challenge with a smile and empowering those needing it! And I felt I did! And I had a lot of positive feedback coming my way. But as I sat down behind the wheel in my car I felt totally drained! Like a ballon out of air! 
But! As some parts of your mind (and body) screams for that shelter under the covers, others fight for finding a refuel of that lost energy! Although resting for sure could do just that, with a four year old in the family it's just not the best choice as it will make her cranky and/or restless! So, finding that energy refill have to include an activity that she would fancy! So, we went to our favourite Thai restaurant and had dinner before going to the grocery store for some chocolates! Then back home we made tea, ate that glorious chocolate while watching "Finding Dory"! 
As I sat on the couch with my little girl cuddled up in my arms and Dory swimming on the screen in front of us I couldn't think of a better way to refuel! It was pure perfection! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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