måndag 2 januari 2017

Big city life

So I've exchanged the beautiful and secluded beach for big city life. 
Arrived in Ho Chi Minh City today and my what a contrast, people everywhere! And I haven't seen this many scooters 🏍 ever in my life! It's almost hysterical! 
We arrived late afternoon so I haven't seen that much of the city yet, but it seems to be a very versatile city, with the very old mixed in with the new!
And again, scooters and motorbikes everywhere!
I'm looking forward to the sightseeing tomorrow! There seems to be a lot to discover in this city!
We're staying at Novotel Saigon Center, in a room on the 16th floor, and as I'm afraid of heights this is a challenge for me! But it's a nice view, I can acknowledge that! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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