söndag 15 januari 2017

Bad blogger

I'm sorry friends, for not writing any blog entries for two whole days! And I don't have any good excuses to tell you. I just didn't feel up to it! 
Had this great weekend planned with two separate girlfriend dates on Saturday, but I woke up feeling a bit under the weather and had to cancel them (actually one of my dates cancelled on me first) both. So instead I decided to make this a lazy weekend and think I managed that quite well! 
I made some efforts though! Like dressing one very empty and white wall in the kitchen with some new pictures and a little shelf. I'm not done yet, but this will be your little sneak peak! 

Oh, and I'm almost watched through the entire first season of "Van Helsing" on Netflix. I hate series like that, making me feel constantly terrified, but for some weird reason I just can't help myself. I get stuck watching and I feel my body tense up (shaking) with that fear from the first second of every episode. Crazy! I'll feel so relieved when I'm done with season 1 so that I can stop watching it! 😜

Now I'm off to bed! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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