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I was a bit tired yesterday when I wrote my blog entry so I didn't tell you about our road trip to Zion Hut. Today I will! It was by far the most amazing trip we've done when being here on Phu Quoc, and I would recommend everyone visiting the island to go there! 
We took a cab to the north of the island (about 40 minutes from our hotel) to a tiny, tiny village from where we took a boat out to Zion Hut. The owner, Anthony, waited for us at the parking lot and took us out to his speed boat. His house/retreat/restaurant is located off shore in the middle of the ocean (but at an agreeable distance from land for those of us that fears deep waters)! The boat ride took about 10 minutes so it's not far from the little village. 
It was quite windy so I couldn't take any pictures from the boat, it's a really beautiful place they have there!
They only accommodate 15 people in the restaurant at the same time, but yesterday we had the place all to ourselves (7)! They only serve seafood in the restaurant and they catch everything by themselves! Crab, oysters, squid, shrimps and fish! They even grow this salad, tasting a bit like mustard and pepper. Very good! 
Oysters, really big ones! Served with homemade pickled ginger and lime! Delicious!
I had the steamed squid. You squeeze the lime over the little bowl with black pepper and salt, making a sauce to dip the squid in. Super, super tasty! And of course the ginger! đŸ‘ŒđŸ»
The grilled fish is called cobia and is very good. Served with the homegrown salad which was fantastic! 
All the food was truly amazing and worth a visit all by itself, but it's all combined that makes this place so amazing - food, ocean, Anthony, adventure and their eco-friendly ambition with the place! Anthony picked us up at 11 and we stayed until 5 in the afternoon. Besides eating gorgeous food, we spent the day snorkelling from the restaurant and just being lazy in the wonderful surroundings!
Here you can see the mountains with the jungle covering the slopes.
And my brother in-law with the little guesthouse behind him. So you could stay overnight if you wanted to.
Far away, at the foot of the mountain, is the little village from where Anthony picks you up!
And my beautiful niece looking out over the sea. You could see Cambodia clearly from Zion Hut.
And this is what their house/restaurant looks like from the outside. Anthony lives here with his family of four people and their dog Milou. Amazing people! Please don't miss Zion Hut if you ever bust Phu Quoc, it's the best place on the island! ❤đŸ™đŸ»❤

Today we've just enjoyed one last lazy day at the hotel. 
Tomorrow we're leaving the island and will be spending the next four days in Ho Chi Min City before going back home to Sweden on Thursday night. 
And we got to enjoy one last amazing sunset on the beach by the hotel. 
Playing around as darkness fell! ❤
If you ever decide on going to this island I would also like to recommend you to stay at Mercury beach resort and spa. A beautiful hotel, a bit secluded if you prefer nightlife and partying every night, but I've truly loved it here. The staff is very service minded and always try their best even when we have trouble understanding each other! I love that!
So tomorrow we're leaving our little villa and will be enjoying a few days of city life! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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