måndag 24 juli 2017

To conquer a mountain

Today was my last day in Alicante, tomorrow afternoon I'm off to the airport and catching a flight home to Sweden. Three weeks of amazing vacation laziness (and weather) has come to an end. 

Started off the day at the rooftop pool at the hotel. 

And had a drink...

Before going out on the town to do some shopping and eating a late lunch (around 15:00). We only had to planned visits, and the first one was to the Nike Store. My husband wanted some new training clothes, which he ended up not buying, but I did buy a pink tank top that was on sale. I have one just like it in black so I knew they're great workout gear!
The second stop was to Don Dino. It's a toy store chain and mini me had gotten a promise from her father to buy a toy (a LOL Surprises, if that means anything to any of you). She's been watching it on YouTube for weeks and we don't have them in Sweden. Unfortunately they were all sold out, so she was kind of disappointed until she found the Hatchimals which she ended up buying. And that was it! Almost. We did end up buying some training clothes for my husband, just not at the Nike store.

Here's my pink tank top which I wore when we went to conquer a mountain. 💪🏻

Castillo de Santa Barbara, a castle on top of a mountain! 

It was a steep climb but the view was worth it! 

Although a terrible fear of heights I really enjoyed the views. 

Until mini me went out to this spot! My God, my heart stopped! 😱

The walk down was almost as hard as going up, my thighs burned with the effort, but it felt so good! Someday I might return and try to run up the mountain, but this time I walked, and it was tough enough! Most people take the lift or drive up to the top. 

Ended the day with a delicious paella, and Now I'm off to bed. It's been an amazing, but long, day!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

söndag 23 juli 2017

Walkabout Alicante

It's been a long and fun day, starting in Villajoyosa and ending in Alicante. I'm staying at the hotel Amerigo in Alicante and I'm really enjoying my stay so far. The room is big, the beds are very comfy and the view is just as great as that in Villajoyosa.

Castillo Santa Barbra up on the mountain, which I'll probably will. Is it tomorrow. 👌🏻

And of course the rooftop view from my balcony. I'll try to get some writing done here too. With views like this you just can't NOT write! 👌🏻

The sunshine followed with to Alicante! 👌🏻

So we a tarted off the early afternoon by the pool and then left for some shopping that ended up in a nearly three hours long walk around Alicante. I took a lot of video snaps from the walk that you can watch on my Snapchat. 

Back at the hotel again we had some tapas for dinner (eating dinner att 22:00 is so off my normal routines) before going back to our room and climbed right into bed. Mini me's sleeping already and I'm probably next in line. Super tired! And with a bit of a pain in my left ear. I've never had an ear infection so I'm not sure how that feels like, but hopefully it's just something temporary. It hurts when I swallow, chew or just move my jaw a bit too much. And in between the pain my ear is really itchy. I took some painkillers before going to bed so fingers crossed that it'll be gone tomorrow. 🤞🏻

Laters babes!

Over and out 

lördag 22 juli 2017

Last one

Maybe I shouldn't promise, maybe the beach in Alicante will make me dress in a bikini too, but I'll do it anyway; today is my last beach bikini pic for quite some time! At least from Spain! 😂

I've spent my entire day at the beach, and the waves were perfect as there was hardly and wind at all. Green flags for the entire length of the beach, and I think that is a first one since we arrived nearly three weeks ago. And the water temperature was just perfect. Perfect! 
Tomorrow we're going to Alicante, by train. We usually take the taxi (our taxi driver and friend Paco), but we thought we should try to get there by our own this time. So looking forward to two days of exploring Alicante, but also a bit sad that we're leaving Villajoyosa. I'm flying back here in October so I don't have to miss it for long though. 😆

Laters babes!

Over and out 

fredag 21 juli 2017

Just one more

Just one more day left of this fantastic vacation we've had here in Villajoyosa, Spain. On Sunday we leave for Alicante and we'll stay there for two more nights. We fly back home to Sweden on Tuesday. I'm sure going to miss the simple life here in Villajoyosa and the amazing beach. And the weather! I hear that the summer has been cold and rainy back home in Sweden. Hopefully we'll bring some sunshine with us back home. ❤️

I matched my Kindle with my nail polish today, and my bikini (not showing in this pic). All in on pink!

There you have it! The weather forecast predicted rain and thunderstorms today from noon, but we saw nothing of that. The sun has been shining all day. And hopefully it will tomorrow as well so we can enjoy our last day on the beach. ☀️

I went on my last run tonight here in Villajoyosa, for this trip. And I had a mission! The hill I've been going on about, I would run it all the way up! And I did! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I'm so proud of myself for that achievement! It might not have been the highest hill in the world, but it got me bad! Until tonight! I. Did. It!!! Yes!!! 

And then I ran the stairs just for fun! 😉

I've been running passed the harbour on my runs, and they've been working hard on this boat no matter what time of day it's been, or yacht more likely! And can you see the front? Sooo amazingly beautiful! 🙏🏻

I want to buy this yacht (if I had gazillions of money)! It's amazing!!! Love, love, love it! And I'm not a boat person as you might remember. Me and the sea are really not a good match. I get seasick just looking at waves too long. 🙈

So, tomorrow will probably (not promising anything) be my last bikini-legs-ocean-waves-kind-of-annoying-pics for this trip. Alicante will be more sightseeing stuff I reckon. But now I'm off to bed! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

torsdag 20 juli 2017

Beach mode

I've spent the day, again, at the beach. Yes, I know, it's getting boring and you don't want to see another pic of the ocean or me in a bikini! But, bear with me! I'll only be here in Villajoyosa for another three days, then I'm off to Alicante for my last two nights in Spain for this trip. 

So I spent most of my day dating my Kindle whilst the sun kissed my skin (and gave me a slight sunburn). 😆

Still haven't found these back home in Sweden. Pity, they're super tasty! Schweppes Limon! I've always bought them on my trips to Thailand so I'm happy to see that you can buy them here too! 👌🏻

And speaking about drinks, I had one...or two, tonight as well. 

I just had to! Finding out that Central Perk is to be found here (and not in New York) was a great surprise!  But this one seems to be focused more on drinks than coffee. 😆😂 But kind of a good try. With the couch and all! Funny thing! Anyways, their mojito was really tasty, but their Pina Colada was just too sweet for my liking. 

Now I'm off to bed, feeling a bit bad that I didn't go running tonight. My legs just wasn't up to it, I'll give it a try in the morning instead. Need to conquer that bloody hill before I leave Villajoyosa! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

onsdag 19 juli 2017

Strolling around

I had a great day at the beach today although there wasn't much swimming going on for me. They'd put up a red flag which basically means "don't swim", but I'm not sure people understand that! It's a long beach in Villajoyosa, and a small part of it is a bit sheltered and doesn't get as high waves as the other part, so it had a yellow flag. Still very high waves, but we chose a spot on the beach by the yellow flag (taking the direction on not swimming under the red flag). 

I guess these pictures doesn't really tell the story correctly, but the waves were forceful!

So we built a sandcastle instead, me and mini me. You can se part of it in the picture above. And we played with a ball. And we made a heart shaped "pool" in the sand on for mini me to play in. And yes, I read a bit too (always accompanied by my Kindle). 👌🏻

As it wasn't "running day" today we took a stroll along the beach instead. 

There's this man, making sand art every now and then. Today he's been portraying Jesus last supper. Amazing! 👌🏻

Part of the beach, I think looking north (but I could be wrong).

Passing the harbour.

Watching the sea.

And ending up at Varadero beach.

Where mini me (to the left) and I (to the right) left our marks on the beach by building two stone pyramids! 👌🏻
And now I'm back home, ready to go to bed after yet another great day here in Villajoyosa. Only 5 more days here now...

Laters babes!

Over and out 

tisdag 18 juli 2017

Run for the hill

A lazy and beautiful day on the beach was ended with a tough evening run. I'm keeping to my promise to run every other day and I'm starting to feel better about it. It's still hard because it's so freakin' warm, but I feel I'm gaining strength and endurance (although slowly). 

I run about 3-4 km (depending on how I'm feeling) and then I end it with running up a hill, or rather try to. This far I haven't yet been able to run it all the way to the top without a break. It's just too steep! Halfway up I'm totally spent and my entire body screams for me to stop. But each run I stop farther up, so my goal is to be able to run it all the way up before going home in a week. 💪🏻

I'm sorry for the bad quality of that picture, but I had to take a screenshot of my video snap on Snapchat as I didn't take any other picture of it. And again, sorry about the language. 🙊

Worked the stairs too, a couple of times and every turn being watched over by the lady living in the apartment with the rooftop balcony in this picture. Always smiling when meeting my eyes, but never saying a word. I bet she thinks I'm totally crazy! 😂

I'm so going to miss our days at this beach when we go home, and I'm sure mini me will too. ❤️ Now I'm off to bed to rest my legs after the run. 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

måndag 17 juli 2017

Evening walk

Villajoyosa is such a beautiful city, especially down by the ocean and in old town. Of course my iPhone pictures doesn't really make it justice but here are some pictures from my evening walk. If you're interested in more pictures you could go to Snapchat and look at my videos. But first a picture from my day at the beach. 

I have this thing where I dig a hole in the sand and push the sand up over one side, creating like a huge wall. Then I put my towel over the hole and the wall - creating a super comfy sand chair! It was my brother in law that taught me this way, way back when we went to Thailand together the first time. The sand chair is perfect for back support when you want to read when sun bathing. So why am I telling you this? I'm telling you because I think I might have started a trend here on Villajoyosa beach with my sand chairs!

On the picture above I've just moved from one spot on the beach to another. And then what happened? 

The couple under the yellow umbrella behind me moved to my "old spot" and reused my sand chairs! Super funny! 😄

We had talked about going to Alicante today, but when we woke up we felt like another day at the beach. We have one more week here before going to Alicante for our last two days in Spain for this trip. We're coming back again in mid October but I'm guessing we won't have 32 C and sunshine all days then. 

We stopped for dinner and drinks by the beach at a little restaurant/gelateria that we're quite fond of, Happy Days Ice Cream Gelateria. I've told you about them before. Love it!

I had the salad and mini me the waffle. I wouldn't mind the waffle though, it smelled delicious, but as I can't eat gluten I really didn't have a choice this time. And the salad was perfect! 👌🏻

After dinner we strolled around in old town. There are cute little alleyways everywhere and it's almost like a maze.

Love it.

And here and there there's something quite unexpected, like this beautiful little fountain on a small square.

Or orange trees!

Or a sleeping cat high above ground. 😍

So pretty!

I'll try to take better pictures another day, but these will have to be enough for now. ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

söndag 16 juli 2017

Sunday funday workouts

Its been a great day! Super hot, but great! You don't really notice the heat when you're at the beach. 👌🏻

I'm kind of a bikini nerd, and some of you might have noticed that already. I brought 6 bikinis 👙 on this trip, and I know, it's crazy. Even more crazy is the fact that I still have as many left at home. 🙈
I just like bikinis, I admit it. Maybe a bit too much, but I can live with that. 

Every other day I go on a run. It's a new tradition that I've started here, and I hope I'll be able to keep up with it when I get back home. I do my early morning gym workouts with some of my colleagues from work on Wednesdays and Fridays, so it's just a matter of planning. 

Today was a tough one, the temperature (although waiting until after seven at night) is about 30-31 C and I'm just not used to run in such heat. Sweat is literally pouring down my entire body! As usual I ended my run with a hill challenge and a few ups and downs some long and steep stairs. Hate the hill, love the stairs! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Tomorrow we're debating about whether we should go to Alicante or not. We're to spend our last two days there before we go home, but it seems to be lots to see. I'll let you know what we decide! 

Laters babes!

Over and out