söndag 11 december 2016

Time flies

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm as surprised as ever that another week just passed me by! Where does time go? I've been spending my day doing household chores, both preparing the house/us for the long vacation that starts early on Saturday next week, but also preparing for my in-laws visit. They're arriving any minute now and will be staying until Tuesday. We're celebrating an early Christmas with them as we won't be home to do that on the 24th of December (yes, we Swedes celebrates Christmas a day before most others). And on Tuesday we're celebrating Lucia so my in-laws will attend mini-mes Lucia celebrations at kindergarten before heading back home again.
This week ahead of me will be an intense one. My days are packed with meetings and my days at work will be long! But, I won't complain, come Saturday I'm looking forward to three weeks of relaxation! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out

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