tisdag 27 december 2016

Same old, same old

I've spent my day almost entirely on the same spot, my sun bed. I've taken a few short walks between the pool area, our villa and the restaurant, that's it (not counting swimming in the pool). The trip to another beach didn't happen today, but it will tomorrow. Instead we've enjoyed the facilities at our hotel!
Same view as the other day.
 Biggest question of the day was; should I swim in the pool or in the ocean. I chose the pool. I've been reading this really great book on my Kindle and I didn't want to be away from it too long. And the beach was like 25 meters away and the pool less than one! 😜
No alcohol today, but juicy juice! đŸ˜ƒđŸ‘ŒđŸ»
Just before ending my day I had a visitor. So cute! A little dragonfly! ❤
All in all - I had a great day!

Over and out 

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