måndag 26 december 2016

Road trip

Today we went out on a road trip, for a change of scenery! First up a pearl farm. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. A farm with oysters growing pearls. Beautiful pearls! Didn't take any pictures and the whole visit was over in about ten minutes. The showing of opening oysters and picking out the pearls took like two minutes. The guide wasn't super interested in answering all our questions, she wanted us inside the shop buying as many pearls that we could. But as this was our first stop for the day, and as the farm is situated like 500 meters from our hotel (we didn't know that), we decided to come back another day to buy our pearls. I want new earrings, and they had so many different colours so I'm going to have troubles buying just one pair. 😬
Next stop was the national park and a climb in the jungle to reach this beautiful waterfall. But...we were not alone... I haven't got a clue who the couple on the right is, but my twin sister is in the middle of the picture (pink shorts). It took us about twenty minutes to walk up the mountain, and it was really hot. It's dry season here now so I figure the walk is much more worth the effort when it's not so dry. But, been there, done that now! 😜
And yes, I did get into the water, at least my feet. 👍🏻
Next stop, and we'll needed in the heat, was Bao Sao beach. Known as one of Phu Quoc most beautiful beaches! And yes, it was truly beautiful! 
We stayed there a couple of hours and had our lunch there as well.
I had spring rolls with vegetables and minced pork, very tasty! And this was actually the first restaurant on the island that had marked each dish that was gluten free and vegetarian (my niece is vegetarian), so for the first time since we got here I didn't have to spend time trying to explain that I need gluten free food. 👌🏻👍🏻
The last stop for the day was the Coconut prison. A prison used during the Vietnam war. 
This is a horrific place, scary in so many ways and levels. The cruelty we human possess is so frightening! They've placed "dolls" all over the prison to show how it would have looked/been like during the war.
This was one way to torture the prisoners, keeping them locked up in this shack in full sunlight, without food or water. 
Or these cages. 😔
All throughout the buildings are gruesome scenes of violence, abuse, cruelty and torture. 
So, I would not recommend to bring young children (like we did). When we realised what we were about to see, I had to take mini-me with me and leave. I don't want her to see these things, it was just too awful. 
But, as I said, I think you should go visit the prison if you're ever on the island. We all need to learn from places like this. How not to act against each other! We are not animals, so let us not act like we are. I haven't at all shown you all the terrible torture going on in this place, and I won't. I'm sure there are lots of books to read about the Vietnam war and all that happened. I'm just glad we stopped at the prison and that I had the opportunity to walk through it and see what happened there. I feel sorry for the poor souls that died there, innocent or not, and those who suffered before being released/rescued/taken from there. No one should have to endure torture and being mistreated like that. And yes, I understand that some of them were monsters. That they too had tortured or killed before being put there, but that doesn't make it ok. Somewhere, sometime someone must say STOP! I'll not continue on this dialogue here (now). I'm sure there are all sorts of arguments, beliefs, explanations and/or thoughts abot this, and I'm not a warrior. I'm just me! Maybe my thoughts are not at all valid, but I will always fight for peace, love, forgiveness and equality. War is beneath us, we're smarter than that! 🙏🏻

Well, it was hard to do anything after the visit at the prison, so we went back to the hotel and focused on the kids, making them happy! Which of course ment a few hours by the pool as the sun set in the ocean. 
But as the dark fell, we left and got back to our hotel room/villa. Tomorrow we'll stay at the beach by our hotel until lunch, then we're going on a new road trip! Not sure where yet though! 😃

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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