onsdag 7 december 2016


I'm making progress! Finally I see the light in the tunnel. The aching in my head is gone. It's just some residues left of the pain, a heavy head and a tired mind. I'm pretty sure my body is trying to tell me to slow down. It's been a hectic year, and this fall has been wild. So it's a good thing I'm leaving for Vietnam in little more than a week. 
I spent all morning on the couch, sleeping and resting. I did not listen to that inner voice frustrated telling me that I need to do something. I just took it slow and tried my best to let go of stress. And obviously it worked. Yeay! Headache's gone. The rest of the afternoon I went through my email and had some work related issues handled by phone. If I hadn't had a very important meeting planned for tomorrow I'd be sure to use my Thursday working from home and make sure not to stress. But I just have to leave for work tomorrow and attend that meeting! I'll do my best to breath and not stress though, and maybe clear off some of all my planned meetings in the calendar! 😳

As you can see in the picture above it's cold here in Sweden now, which means I'm always dressed in thick knitted cardigans and scarves to keep warm. I hate freezing! So that vacation trip I've got planned can't come at a better time! In nine days we're leaving for a three week vacation on the beaches and in the sunshine on Phu Quoc, Vietnam. So looking forward to that! I need that! Body and mind.
I'll be sure to post pictures of my visit, so stay tuned! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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