onsdag 14 december 2016

Packing the suitcase

I'm leaving on vacation on Saturday. Three weeks in Vietnam awaits, and I'm sooo looking forward to the lazy days in the sun! It's only three days left and I haven't packed a single thing in my suitcase yet. Nor in my daughters suitcase! I'm realising this might be a potential problem as I need to make sure I've got everything I need before Friday night (the flight takes off early Saturday morning). But I'm optimistic! I won't have any problems when starting the packing procedures, I'll travel light! 😆
But yes, there's a lot to make sure of being in place for the trip! And on Friday we'll take the cats to my BFFs (she's going to take care of them while we're away) house and stay for dinner and a play date as their son and my daughter are BFFs too. ❤️ So there'll be little (if any) time to pack on Friday as I'm working all day as well. So come to think about it, it's really just tomorrow left to finish off the packing! Maybe I should start to stress about it? 😳 But nooo! I refuse to stress! Everything that I might forget to pack I'll just buy in Vietnam, or just accept I have to live without it, whatever it might be! 😬
Besides, I can't pack now! My furry friends are occupying my suitcase! 😆

Laters babes 

Over and out 

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