lördag 24 december 2016

Merry Christmas

Today we celebrate Christmas 🎄 and invite Santa Claus to our home (hotel room)! He even found his way to our new hotel, making mini-me wild with happiness! đŸŽ…đŸ»đŸŽ
As usual the gifts are for the children, I'd rather spend the money on gifts for me to support a good cause, and this year I'll give my money to the people in Aleppo. They need all the help they can get! If you're from Sweden, you can find all the information needed at Röda korset, RĂ€dda barnen, UNHCR or War Child. Aleppo is known as hell on earth, and we have the power to change that! To help those in need! No one can do it all, but we all can do something! ❤ 
Our new little villa! ❤
New beach! 
And me trying to hold on to the sunset on Christmas Eve. This has been as magical a day as it has always been since I was a child! A very merry Christmas to all of you lovely followers! I hope you all find peace, serenity and joy on this wonderful holiday, and that you may celebrate it with those closest to your heart! If not physical so in spirit, I know I will! ❤

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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