torsdag 29 december 2016

Long beach

Today we went on another road trip. It wasn't a long one, it only took us about 5-7 kilometres, but in this heat and with kids a walk was not optional! We took the hotel shuttle into town, Duong Dong, but I'm not sure I would call it a "town". It's a long street with houses, restaurants and hotels lined on each side. Very few shops, more like a very tiny rooms with some groceries inside. I'd love to find like a supermarket here, but no luck so far. I have absolutely no idea where everyone buys their groceries, but I doubt they do it in those small shops I'm talking about because the assortment they're carrying is just to small. I'll have to remember to ask someone working at the hotel about that!
This is the road I'm talking about, and almost every where you look they're building new hotels (the beach is just a few meters behind this new building). I guess coming back here in about five years would be a totally new experience and by then there will be more than one supermarket for sure! 
I had no specific shopping goals with our trip into Duong Dong, but I came back to the hotel with two of these coffee filters that they use here to make their Vietnamese coffee. It's going to be really fun to serve coffee at home with these! And they were really cheap,  two for about 34 SEK (just under $4).
Although being in town we spent most of the day at the beach, Long beach. I had planned to get a massage, but I never did. I played with mini-me and dated my Kindle instead. The book (series) in reading now is making my mind twirl and I have trouble letting go of it even when I'm not reading. And it's not because I love it, or because it's written beautifully or poetic. It's really an awful story that I'm truly fighting to understand and/or accept. I think I keep at it because it's so far from my own reality that I feel forced to read about it to learn - to understand the disturbing truth in parts of the story (human trafficking). At times I'm so disgusted about what I'm reading I feel truly sick to my stomach, but yet I can't seem to let it go. Instead I fight to understand. And it twirls in my mind, stealing time and energy. But, talking about this book (series) should be a blog entry entirely on its own, so let's leave that for now. 
Let's talk about this amazing fruit instead, Pomelo, which I seem to be addicted to since coming here! I absolutely love it! Have you tried it?
If not, try too! It's divine! đŸ‘ŒđŸ» I hope I'll find it when I get back home to Sweden!
It's that big light green, pear shaped fruit in the middle of the fruit platter!

Tomorrow we'll stay at the hotel again and I'm looking forward to a day by the pool/beach. It's so much calmer here than on Long beach and I still feel that is what I need and want. No overcrowded beaches and loud sounds never quieting! Our hotel, Mercury, is secluded and with no other hotels nearby which makes the beach quiet and without stress of any kind, and I love it!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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