onsdag 21 december 2016

Lazy day in the sun

Not much happening here. Just another marvellous day in the sun! 😜☀️
There's been almost no clouds in the sky today, and no winds, so it's been really warm. I know I said that yesterday too, but today was much warmer. But not too warm of course! Especially not when enjoying your day on the beach. 
And as usual I had my second breakfast on the beach, pineapple from the fruit lady! 👌🏻
And today we tried something new, or rather my brother in law did, Vietnamese coffee! I had regular coffee with milk, which was absolutely divine! I don't know why it was sooo good, but it was heaven sent! 🙏🏻 The Vietnamese version is strong black coffee poured into a cup layered with condensed milk. As I can't eat lactose, I couldn't taste it, but he said it was more like eating dessert than just having a cup of coffee. But of course really tasty (sugary and sweet).
We enddd our day by the pool (the kids always wants to end their day there). Chatting with my sister! And then we swam 200 m, which doesn't sound a lot, but considering I haven't done that in years, I'm quite happy I made it through! And my sister is a better swimmer then me, so I had to fight to swim as fast as her. 😆 Maybe I should go swimming at home too, seems to be good for my back pains. 
Now I'm putting mini-me to bed. We've had a mother-daughter moment after dinner (or not😂)! But we're going on a boat trip tomorrow so she needs her sleep! We're visiting two other islands and snorkelling! Should be fun (says the one always getting sea sick)!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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