söndag 25 december 2016


I've had a good day. A day of dating. My Kindle. 😜
This hotel is really great and I've enjoyed myself immensely today, feeling more than happy and content! 🙏🏻
Stayed poolside today, to be near the pool for when mini-me decides to go swimming. She prefers the pool to the ocean here as there's plankton in the ocean stinging the skin when bathing. I don't mind much (I've only felt one sting so far), but she gets really upset. So today we stayed close to the pool.
I made a promise to my Snapchat followers earlier today, that I would make my lazy legs work in the gym...but I didn't keep it. 🙈 It's been a really lazy day...
I had Cesar salad for lunch which was really tasty. Surprisingly so actually. But my G. they must have had like ten cloves of garlic in that sauce! I don't mind though, it's those around me that might be bothered most. 😜
I had three scopes of ice cream for dessert; dark chocolate, coconut and cinnamon. The cinnamon was divine! I could live on that, never eating anything else again! Heavenly! 👌🏻
Ive been dating my Kindle almost all day, but still I had troubles letting go off it when going home from the beach! 😜 

Tomorrow we're going on a road trip, exploring the island by car. We're visiting Coconut prison (used during the Vietnam war), pearl farm and some of the beaches far south on the island! I'll make sure to document the day in pictures so I can show you guys tomorrow night! 👍🏻

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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