tisdag 13 december 2016

Busy bee

I might have believed, in a hopeful moment, that my last week at work before leaving on vacation would be a soft one. You know, with time for getting things done without interruptions! And that would of course entail days not packed with meetings, a lot of alone time for getting things done without stress and time to reflect about the year ending in just a few weeks (work wise). But no! That didn't happen! Quite the opposite in fact! My entire week is planned down to single minutes at work! I'll be stuck in meetings all the way to Friday afternoon! But you know what! Although wishing for a different scenario, I'm totally fine with the way it turned out! I love my job! Really love it! And it's as simple as this; everything I don't have time to handle before leaving, will get prioritised when I'm back at work again in January! It just have to wait! I'm only human! So I'll keep smiling and ignore the inner voice telling me to stress like hell to get everything done in time! 
And how could you not smile when even the morning sky smile at you while driving to work? ❤️
Laters babes!

Over and out 

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