torsdag 22 december 2016

Boat trip

Today I've been out on the sea all day! The funny thing is I really don't like being out on boats! But somehow I always venture out on them when on vacation. 😳 As if I forget the sea sickness that almost always comes over me and forces me up on deck, breathing fresh air and staring blankly at the horizon as I mentally try to envoke some kind of hidden superpower inside of me to force time to go faster. 
And of course I didn't want to feel sick so I started off putting myself down in a sun chair on deck, staring at that horizon and tried that mental game that has the complete opposite effect - making it feel like time is standing still. It took about 1,5-2 hours to arrive to Turtle island where we had our first snorkelling stop planned. A really tiny little island 🌮 that you easily walked around in less then 5 minutes. I didn't get any pictures from there, but it was really cute and the water was crystal clear. And the snorkelling was apparently fabulous! I just swam with mini-me from the boat to the shore (about 75 meter) and was happy to feel ground under my feet again. And yes, I saw some colourful fishes on the way, but I didn't spend two hours snorkelling like the rest of the bunch. Mini-me and I went searching the beach for the most beautiful seashells instead.
We had rented a boat (my family and my sisters family, a total of 4 adults and 3 children) for our own the entire day. Beautiful isn't it! And it's not at all as expensive that you might think! We paid like $165 for the entire day, including food (and the staff of course). Our guide was a really funny Vietnamese guy who spoke almost every language you could think of, but not at all fluently, just some phrases, and most of them out of context. But he was great! We're letting him take us around the island by car next week. There's a lot to see!
Most of the time on the boat I spent lying down in the sun bed. Which was quite nice considering we had fabulous weather all day. The picture above might tell another truth, but actually those gray clouds disappeared and left a clear blue sky behind! đŸ‘đŸ»
We got offered some sea delicacies for lunch!
But I really didn't feel up to it! The others tasted the sea urchin, but my stomach wasn't at all interested in tasting that. But apparently they were tasty. I had the "ordinary" lunch; noodles with pork and cabbage, fried vegetables with garlic, vegetable soup, omelette, barbecued fish, rice and watermelon for dessert. Not bad for a lunch onboard a boat with no real kitchen! And very, very tasty! 

Tomorrow I'll be back on the beach again, and I've promised myself not to go out on any more boat trips, at least not on this vacation! 😆

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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