tisdag 6 december 2016

A day of rest

My head decided not to cooperate with me and so the aching continued on today. That ment yet another day for me on the couch doing absolutely nothing. Eventually I got fed up with just lying there although every movement of my head caused the pain to intensify by a hundred. So I decided on pampering the rest of me to feel a tiny bit better, and put a clay mask on my face and laid down in a hot bubble bath. For sure that was a good thing for my face and the rest of my body, but it didn't do much for the aching in my head. 
So now I'm back on the couch, doing nothing. I'm thinking I should use this time to do something productive instead, like writing. We'll see. I just know I need to do something or I'll loose my mind completely! 😆

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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