lördag 26 november 2016

The colour of your soul

I went to the movies this afternoon with mini-me, her cousins and my sister, to see "Trolls". Such a cute little movie and there are some really good pointers and life lessons to ponder on afterwards, hidden beneath the layers of the dialogue suited for children! Maybe not if you're four years old, like my daughter, but we grown ups could really gain some perspectives, well worth the extra time. And the music in the movie was great! I even found my self dancing in my chair from time to time! 😜
One of the things they said in the movie kind of struck a note in my heart, and I've been thinking a lot about that ever since. I'm not sure about the exact words, but they talked about finding your happy place and being able to see the colour of each other's souls as something life changingly important. Of course these cute little trolls all have different colours (which they can loose), being a huge part of that statement, but it got me thinking that we all have different colours to our souls and hopefully a happy place somewhere out there too. To me, that happy place is me either reading or writing, but where I choose to do that doesn't really matter. It could be in bed, on a train or at the beach, the physical spot is not operative, the reading or writing is.
And the colour of my soul? Well, truthfully, I would like it to be a pure and innocently white or a burning and intense red or pink. But I'm probably closer to a silent gray or a blinding black, and I'm ok with that. I'm proud of who I am and the different depths and layers of my soul, heart and mind. Besides, seeing the colour of someone's soul, isn't about seeing an actual colour, at least not to me. I don't believe it's about that kind of shallowness even in this movie. To me it's about being able to see the very essence of a persons soul. Its needs, sorrows, love, pain, fears, desires, joys, longings, lies and its truths. The very core! And to do that, you need to be let inside. And you need to want to open up your walls! You have to be open, and able to share that what might be unknown even to yourself. And that's the beauty of it. 

I know it's hard. It's extremely hard, to be frank. At least to me. I have no problem entering through someone else's walls, but letting people into mine...that's what's hard! I've told you this before, I'm very specific with whom I interact with, at least regarding these kinds of trust levels. But, after watching "Trolls", I'll be thinking about the how and the why, trying to sort myself out. Maybe my walls will be opening sooner then I thought they would be! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out

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