onsdag 30 november 2016


I'm so, so tired. It feels like I haven't slept in days! My head is pounding and my body's aching. I feel old. Tired and old. Old and tired. And I look it. 🙁
But I won't scare you off by posting that truth in a picture! I got some help from Snapchat to hide reality! 

I've had a really great day at work today, and maybe that's partly why I'm so tired. I've been working really hard to make this a fulfilling and truly great day for my employees as we were away from the office to work with the business plan for 2017. I wanted the day to be inspiring, but also empowering and fun. I think I made that happen, and now my mind wants to rest, finally ready to relax. First I just need to say; I have the best employees and consultants ever! They did great today, and I feel really proud and humbled getting to work with such competent and high-achieving people! 2017 will be a great year. A year of change! I can feel it! đŸ’ȘđŸ»đŸ™đŸ»

So I'll be dating my Kindle tonight, and I'll probably fall asleep within minutes of reading. It's just one of those nights! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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