söndag 6 november 2016

Team spirit

I played soccer when I was younger. Twelve years (or maybe it was fourteen?) I played with the same girls, and what a great team we were! 
We played in different weeklong soccer tournaments every summer, and going abroad to do so quite a few times. And my, did we work hard to be able to do so! The rest of the year was filled with different activities to get sponsors or, like the Girl Scouts, selling this or that. In the picture above we played in Portsmouth, England, and that was truly my favourite tournament, we had so much fun! 

I'm still friends with most of the girls, and we've been talking about having a reunion but it hasn't happened yet! Fingers crossed we'll make it happen by next summer! 

And if anyone of you were wondering, we weren't just great girls, we played great too! We didn't win the tournament in England, but we got the silver medal! And I was awarded the prize for being the tournaments best player in our age group! Still makes my heart beat extra hard with pride! 😊

Laters babes!

Over and out

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