onsdag 2 november 2016

Old acquaintances

Today I met up with a former coach and leader of a leadership program I attended a few years back, and a lot of different things went through my mind during our two hour meeting. In a way to sort them out for myself, I thought I would share them with you. My insights. They are in no way revolutionary or unheard of, quite the opposite, but important to me nevertheless. So here we go:

1. The comfort and trust once gained with certain people (that are genuine and true), remains years after they're build. Even though you didn't keep in touch or if your situation has changed during the years. 

2. Trust and comfort makes me feel safe, and for the first time in ages, I believe in finding a solutions to old and deep-seated problems. Feeling safe gives me courage and confidence.

3. When you find the courage to believe in a solution, and thereby regaining your confidence - you're willing to try ways either untried before or that might challenge you or have the potential of showing your faults/insecurities. With the right tools and support you'll find the means to go through even the most challenging tasks.

4. Wholeheartedness and vulnerability - the acceptance of - is what makes us strong. Knowledge and experience will guide us. 

5. There's always a solution, even when you doubt there is, you just need help to see or find it sometimes! 

6. If someone trust in you, and you trust in them,  everything is possible! 

7. Cherish and nurture the relationships that will help you grow and meet change with a smile!
I have a few more personal insights, but I think I'll save them for myself. I'm just so thankful for having these amazing people in my life and for the opportunity to learn and be inspired by them! They make me a better person! A better leader. They make me believe in myself and my abilities! They give me tools to be and do better, and they guide me when needed. If you have a person like this in your life, be sure to keep them there!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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