tisdag 29 november 2016

Moving on

I've been thinking a lot on my decision on letting go of the pain of my past. Or rather how to follow through on that decision. It's an important process, and I need to get it right as I'm determined not to fall back into old tracks this time. The first step was to forgive. It was also the hardest part. I had promised my self never to do that. It was a large weight of my shoulders when I said the words, "I forgive you". I. FORGIVE. YOU. 
I forgive you. 
I.  f.o.r.g.i.v.e.  y.o.u.

I will never forget. It will never be ok, you just don't subject children, or adults for that matter, for that kind of humiliation, fear and pain. You just don't. 

But you did, and now I forgive you. 

But what is the next step? How do I move on from here? I've left the light burning in the dark places in my heart and I'm letting all the love from friends and family supporting me in this, fill up the empty spaces. I feel strong! I feel loved! And I feel empowered! I just want to make sure I stay on this path! 
But maybe time will tell what comes next! Maybe I should just let time pass and stay confident that I got this. That this time, I got it covered! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out

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