torsdag 24 november 2016

Making this day count

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. We don't celebrate that holiday here in Sweden, so there will be no turkey 🩃 on my dinner table tonight. Unfortunately! I love turkey. But that would be a true waste of good food as it's just me and mini-me at home this week. 

Sweden is generally very pro-America and all their traditions and ways. Like Halloween, that nowadays is celebrated here too, or "Black Friday" which has exploded this year - every store I know and don't know is campaigning their Black Friday sales. But Thanksgiving has yet to work its magic and find its way into our Swedish homes. If there were any holiday celebrations I would welcome into our Swedish culture, Thanksgiving would be it. Giving thanks for what you have seems to be such a nice thing to do with your family and friends. And I've heard, and read, about people helping those in need, and those without family or friends close by. Coming together and opening their hearts just because they can. That is so beautiful and gives me hope that someday love will prevail! 
But, as I said, for now we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. I will, however, celebrate it in my own way, listing everything I'm grateful and thankful for in my life. People and things. Traits and feelings. Memories. Anything, really! And while I do that I will be thankful for the delicious guacamole and nachos that I'll be having for dinner! 
So, friends, a happy Thanksgiving to all of you, wherever you might be in the world and whether you celebrate this holiday or not! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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